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Chicago Salsa Lessons

All of the instructors and classes on this page are outstanding.  The organization, discipline, and level of instruction make the trip to Chicago for classes worthwhile.  Each of these instructors spend plenty of time in the clubs and are completely up to the minute of what moves are hot in salsa here and on the east and west coasts.


  Nino DiGiulio 
Nino is an excellent instructor.  He holds salsa classes several times a week and puts on an all day salsa workshop about once a month.  The workshops are excellent with a lot of techique, styling, and patterns taught.  It will bring your salsa up to the next level.  Partners are rotated.  The cost is typically $35 and held on a Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


  Miguel Mendez 
Dance Academy of Salsa
Miguel Mendez is an excellent instructor.  He is very disciplined and the timing tapes he uses will add precision to your steps and a better understanding of the salsa rhythm.  Miguel holds classes every Saturday 12:45-1:45 for beginner/intermediate and 2:00-3:00 for intermediate/advanced.  Partners are rotated and a lot of no-partner salsa patterns are taught as well.  Drop-in students are welcome at $15 per class.  There may be a disccount for taking classes back to back.

  Latin Street Dancing 
Latin Street Dancing is a temple to teaching the art of club style salsa dance.  They hold 75 salsa classes every week!  Their studio has 4 dance instruction rooms with polished wood floors and mirrored walls.  They have an entire curriculum of classes.  They have an extremely disciplined and organized structure.  Partners are rotated.  The same patterns are taught in each class of the same name regardless of the instructor or day of the week.  Later classes build on these foundation patterns.  Routines are club-oriented and kept very up to date as the salsa dance is constantly changing.
Unless you are signing up for an entry level class, or advancing to their next class, each student will be assessed by an instructor for readiness for the desired class.  Classes must be signed up for a month at a time, no drop-ins.  Class days can be substituted during the week as needed.  The cost is $50  for 4 1-hour sessions or $40 if signing up for 2 classes, which works out to $10 per class session.  Latin Street Dancing will make an impact to your dance that others will notice. 


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