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WMSE 91.7 FM

Every Sunday 12:00 noon to 3:00 PM is the Orgullo Latino radio show with DJ's Waly and Felix on WMSE 91.7 FM.  They play plenty of salsa, with a good mix of merengue, bachata, cumbia, mariachi, and an occassional cha-cha.  The tunes are very up to date, the same ones you will hear in salsa clubs around town.


The live salsa bands playing at clubs in Milwaukee are of uniformally excellent quality.  There is nothing like the energy of live salsa/merengue music being performed.  Live bands perform at El Babalu every Saturday night.  The bands are typically large 8 to 12 piece, with a lot of brass and percussion.
  Abraxes   -- This Milwaukee band plays a lot of Santana cover tunes (mostly cha-cha's).  Their percussion is tight and the singing is great.  Can be seen at the Milwaukee Ale House from time to time.  They create a party mood playing lots of fun songs all night.  Abraxes plays a diverse style of originals and covers. Abraxes originals includes styles such as-Songo, Son-Montuno, Samba, Cha-Cha and Cumbia. With two decades of experience and music covering Santana to Tito Puente. Abraxes usually keeps the dance floor packed all night.
  Bajo Zero   -- Plays at El Babalu.
  Salsa Power   -- Plays at El Babalu.


  Madisalsa   -- A great salsa band from Madison.  Check them out at  
E&J Record Shop -- 1242 South Cesar E Chavez Drive.  (414) 383-6001.   E&J probably the best selection of salsa CD's in town.
Your favorite salsa band or CD not listed here?  Please send info to


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