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Salsa Dancing In Milwaukee
Club Havana


Club Havana is a cigar bar playing salsa 5 nights a week with a small dance floor in back.  An upstairs expansion is underway (which would be a big help) but no definite completion date.  Smoke can be an issue for some people.  The downtown location is great, plenty of other destinations in walking distance.  Park Bar is just a block east.
Lessons:  Yuri holds lessons here Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:00 to 10:00 PM.  No charge for the lesson.  He likes to teach couples individually, and provides each couple with a challenging pattern to practice.
Dancing:  Tuesday-Saturday.  The small dance floor fills up after 5 couples, but yet is a popular dance location.  A good place to see people and be seen.  Couches and chairs surround the dance floor, giving it a comfortable feel.  Mostly salsa is played with an occassional merengue.  Dancing is good Tuesday-Thursday evenings, but is a little tight on Friday & Saturday nights.
Address:  789 N. Jefferson, downtown Milwaukee.
Just off Cathedral Square, next to Taylor's, across from Ed Debevik's.
(414) 273-0555
Cover Charge:  None
Parking:  Always a little tight in this area of town.  A parking ramp is right across the street.


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